Attention dancers!


AMBROSIA is an open entertainment company and we are always happy to meet and collaborate with new dancers and other artists. If you are interested in working with us, read further.


Dance related requirements!  All candidates must:

    •    be ready to break into their own creativity
    •    have strong will to broaden their horizons with learning new stuff
    •    be self motivated
    •    be able to take criticism and work on improving themselves
    •    be able to attend weekly dance rehearsals, meetings and performances


Personality requirements! All candidates must:

    •    be over 20 years of age
    •    be as moral and ethical as humanly possible
    •    be 100 % loyal and show respect to fellow group members
    •    lack choleric gene
    •    continuously show improvement in knowledge, skills and communication
    •    have “mojo”
    •    show overall personal and professional responsibility


Ambrosia offers:

    •    extreme moral and ethical relationships with its members
    •    constant personal development with a chance to progress further into the group with becoming a lead or assistant choreographer, dance teacher, costume designer, event planner and similar
    •    professional promotion with the best photography, video editing and graphic design
    •    paid trip expenses
    •    paid performances when commercial in nature
    •    custom made costume and accessory designs


Do NOT apply if you:

    •    don’t have nice manners and can’t control yourself
    •    can’t hold a constructive debate
    •    are a liar and/or manipulator
    •    are a group hopper
    •    are an elitist
    •    are a drama queen
    •    are a fame whore / wannabe superstar


Enough already! I'm ready to apply!

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