Experience live performances by Ambrosia!

Look no further, here you can find all the latest information about AMBROSIA public performances and appearances, as well as all workshop dates with links providing you further information. We are looking forward seeing you on any of the mentioned events!

Gala Nocturna, VENICE
When: TBA
Where: Venice, ITALY
More info: We are proud and honoured to be performing and entertaining you on the world famous dark luxury costume ball Gala Nocturna in the most iconic city of Venice. Could there be a more suitable location for such an opulent and extravagant event? For more information, tickets and booking please visit their official page.

Cairo Festival BUDAPEST
When: TBA
Where: Budapest, HUNGARY
More info: We are excited to return each year to our beloved Cairo Festival Budapest in one of our favourite European cities! Come and join us and see what surprises we have prepared for you this time! Find more information about workshops and shows on their official page.
Bellysimo Oscars, ITALY
When: TBA
Where: Palmanova, ITALY
More info: Join us for a weekend of various workshops, amazing bazaar or just for lounging by the pool and sunbathing. Do not miss our performances on the evening gala show! This festival has it all! For more information please visit their official page.
Tribal Addict Festival, France
When: TBA
Where: Caen, FRANCE
More info: Join Vesna on her workshops on Tribal Addict festival in France! Find more information about workshops and shows on their Facebook page.
Russian Tribal Festival
When: TBA
Where: Moscow, RUSSIA
More info: Join Vesna on her various dance workshops where you can learn the stylization and secrets behind Ambrosia stage creations. Find more information here.
Cairo! Festival Budapest
When: TBA
Where: Budapest, HUNGARY
More info: Ambrosia is honoured to return each year to the most luxurious festival of Europe. Find more information about the workshops and evening shows on their official website.
Tribal Factory Festival, Switzerland
When: TBA
Where: Fribourg, SWITZERLAND
More info: Don't miss Ambrosia performance for the first time in Switzerland. Find more information about the festival on their official website.
"Heart of Lilith" Festival, UK
When: TBA
Where: Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM
More info: This time Ambrosia has something special prepared for all you dancers: a THEMATIC INTENSIVE entitled "Daeva's Incantation". Come and join us immersing in this dark world, exploring dance technique, makeup routine and costuming final touches! Find more information on their Facebook page.
Tribal Autumn in Lviv
When: TBA
Where: Lviv, UKRAINE
More info: Join Vesna on this unique festival in one of the most romantic and artistic cities - Lviv! Details TBA.
GWBD China International Art Festival
When: TBA
Where: Shenzhen, CHINA
More info: This is a very first time for Ambrosia to travel to China, so be sure not to miss Vesna's dance, makeup and costume workshops and of course the gala show performances!
Orient Cyprus
When: TBA
More info: Warmly invited to Vesna's workshops in the beautiful island of Cyprus. Be sure not to miss Ambrosia performances on the gala evening show! Find more information on the festival Facebook page.
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