Ambrosia | Art in Motion

... is an international entertainment company, based in Slovenia, uniting many different artists from all around Europe and beyond. Founded in 2010 by Vesna Zorman, the company is renowned for their intense visual artistry, dramaturgy and theatricality, always delivering high class entertainment and pleasing even the toughest crowds.


Visual artistry

We pride ourselves by always creating the best atmosphere for our clients to enjoy, therefor we give a very special attention to our unique, haute couture costuming of all our performers. This way we are able to set the proper mood and theme for your event, taking your clients into an unforgettable wonderland.


Performing artists

We carefully hand pick all our performing artists, making sure we always deliver the best in their respective fields. You can enjoy a variety of different artists come together for your special event:

  • opera singers
  • ballet dancers
  • modern and contemporary dancers
  • fusion dancers (tribal fusion, orient, flamenco, etc.) 
  • fire dancers
  • acrobats      

Our performing artists live and travel all over the world to cultivate their unique talents to enhance their art form.


All over the globe

We travel the world offering luxury event entertainment. We are proud and honoured to be repeatedly hosted in the following cities & countries:

  • Shenzhen, CHINA
  • Acre, ISRAEL
  • Moscow, RUSSIA
  • Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
  • Minsk, BELARUS 
  • Vitebsk, BELARUS
  • Paris, FRANCE
  • Neuville-sous-Montreuil, FRANCE
  • Vervins, FRANCE
  • Caen, FRANCE
  • Wolverhampton, UNITED KINGDOM
  • Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM
  • Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS
  • Fribourg, SWITZERLAND
  • Vienna, AUSTRIA
  • Munich, GERMANY
  • Hannover, GERMANY
  • Duisburg, GERMANY
  • Rome, ITALY
  • Trieste, ITALY
  • Palmanova, ITALY
  • Viareggio, ITALY
  • Brussels, BELGIUM
  • Namur, BELGIUM
  • Budapest, HUNGARY
  • Crete, GREECE 
  • Limassol, CYPRUS
  • Dublin, IRELAND
  • Zagreb, CROATIA
  • Split, CROATIA
  • Warsaw, POLAND
  • Lviv, UKRAINE
  • Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
  • Maribor, SLOVENIA
  • Kamnik, SLOVENIA
  • Domzale, SLOVENIA
  • Nova Gorica, SLOVENIA
  • Kranjska Gora, SLOVENIA

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