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Please read recruitment requirements before applying.

Take time with your application. Poorly writen applications will not be considered. Please note that all information you are giving us are completely optional. It is up to you how much of yourself you want to reveal to us. By giving us more information it will allow us to get to know you better and thus making the application process much faster. Be sure to be honest in your answers, we have very low tolerance for players and fakers. Good luck!

Fields with a light red background are obligatory!
Personal information
Your full name
Date of birth
What city/country do you live in?
Your Email Address
Facebook page:
YouTube (or similar) links of your solo or group performance:
What do you do for living? What are you studying? What do you like and dislike about your job/study?
Are you in a relationship? How does your partner feel about your dance hobby? Is he accompnaying you to your performances?
Do you have children? If yes, how many and what age are they?
What are your hobbies? What do you love to do in your free time, besides dancing?
What are your favourite movies or series? What genre of movies do you prefer to watch?
Favourite band/singer or genre of music.
Do you like to read books? If yes what genre do you prefer? What is your favourite book?
Dance related information
How many years in general do you dance? How long have you been in ATS or tribal fusion? How has your dance path started?
Who was your first belly dance teacher? Who was your first ATS/tribal fusion teacher? Who is your current teacher?
How many hours weekly do you devote to solo dance training? How many for visiting dance classes?
What is your favorite stylization of tribal fusion (fusion with hip hop, bollywood, modern, cabaret, etc.)?
Where do you get your choreography inspiration? How does you mind process concerning making choreographies work?
Where do you get your costume inspiration? How do you combine it with your choreography work?
Who are your dance idols if you have any?
Who is your favorite dancer or group of ATS / tribal fusion?
Please link your favorite and most inspiring dance video of any kind (YouTube).
Please link your favorite and most inspiring ATS or tribal fusion video (YouTube).
Please link us a picture of your favorite costume or costume inspiration (it doesn't have to be your own costume).
Have you ever been or are you currently in a dance group? Which ones?
About Ambrosia
Where did you learn about Ambrosia | Glam Tribal?
Who do you know in Ambrosia and how did you meet?
What is your favorite Ambrosia choreography?
Why do you want to become a member of Ambrosia?
What can you contribute to Ambrosia?
What non dance related talents do you own (movie, picture editing, website development, graphic design, photography, costuming, writing and similar)?
A couple of tips before hitting the SEND button:

- With sending this application you automatically agree to all Ambrosia rules and requirements.

- Spellchecking and proofreading are your friends. If you can't be bothered with it, we can't be bothered to read your application.

- In most cases your application is the first impression we get of you. Make it a good impression.

- If you're not 20 or above, but feel mature enough to apply, make sure your application actually is mature enough too.

- Don't be fooled: You WILL sweat, you WILL choreograph, and you WILL sew (or rather glue) your own costume - a professional dance company is NOT a free pass to lazyville.

- Copying someone elses application will get you nowhere, fast.

- Abusing smilies and leet-speak is a bad start.

- Applying or being in several dance groups at once is also a bad start. We want people that are interessted in joining THIS group, not ANY group.

- Feel free to talk to the group leader (Vesna) any time concerning the progress of your application.